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Our experts share their knowledge and answer the most frequently asked questions on various topics related to salmon. In this article we look at “raw salmon”. It is a delicacy that is included in some dishes. But does that also mean that you can eat freshly caught salmon trout with relish?

1. Can salmon be eaten raw?

SWISS LACHS can be eaten raw. Other salmon must be processed by freezing. Wild salmon and farmed salmon from net pens may contain parasites, nematodes or threadworms in the raw fillets. It is therefore recommended to keep these fish in the freezer for at least 24 hours at a maximum temperature of -20 °C to reliably kill the germs.

2. Is raw salmon healthy?

Eating raw salmon is healthy because it contains many omega-3 fatty acids and trace elements such as iron, phosphorus and iodine. However, raw fish can contain unwanted guests that can cause parasitic diseases: The most dangerous is anisakis. You can enjoy raw SWISS LACHS without hesitation, because it grows without parasites. More about our values

So raw salmon is healthy. You can find a detailed table of ingredients here:

3. Who should avoid raw fish?

Pregnant women should not eat raw fish during the entire pregnancy, as possible pathogens can also pose a danger to the unborn child. Everyone else can eat raw fish without hesitation.

4. How long can you eat raw fish?

We recommend eating raw salmon as sashimi or sushi within two days. Please note the expiry date on the packaging.

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