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With our icons, we would like to show the values and quality of the SWISS LACHS products. In this article, we briefly introduce each of the five icons: you can be sure that you are enjoying healthy, sustainable salmon.

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SWISS LACHS produces salmon for the Swiss market. Local production guarantees a freshness never seen before. Our short transport routes ensure the lowest possible C02 emissions. Imported salmon takes up to 5 days to reach the Swiss border.

environment friendly 1 - SWISS LACHS Alpiner LachsENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY

The closed recirculation system is the most technically advanced and elaborate type of aquaculture in the world. The water is filtered and reused several times, making it particularly resource-friendly; it reduces the need for fresh water to 2%. The energy comes from the local hydropower plant and is green. Nutrient-rich filter residues are then recycled into biogas.

no anitbiotik 1 - SWISS LACHS Alpiner LachsANTIBIOTIC FREE

SWISS LACHS is of particularly high quality because all the important parameters for healthy rearing are controlled. Thanks to permanent filtration, our salmon swim in the cleanest water. We do not use antibiotics, hormones or other additives. Monitoring and a strict hygiene protocol ensure good fish welfare and salmon quality.

stress free 1 - SWISS LACHS Alpiner LachsSTRESS FREE

The rearing conditions are species specific, we have freshwater, brackish water and saltwater tanks. Our salmon are not threatened by parasites, predators or birds of prey and can grow up stress-free and produce the so valuable proteins, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin A, D, B12 and iodine.

no parasite 1 - SWISS LACHS Alpiner LachsPARASITE FREE

We source the salmon eggs from Iceland, these are guaranteed virus and disease free. This is then maintained by our stringent biosecurity measures onsite. So our salmon grow up in an indoor facility and are parasite-free. The fresh salmon fillets can therefore be consumed raw as sushi or sashimi without freezing treatment.

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