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SWISS LACHS produces salmon for the
Swiss market. Local production guarantees
a freshness never seen before. Our short
transport routes ensure the lowest 
possible C02 emissions. Imported salmon
takes up to 5 days to reach the Swiss border. 

Local Production

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The closed recirculation system is the most
technically advanced and elaborated type
of aquaculture. Our water is filtered and
reused seven times, making it particularly
resource-friendly; it reduces the need for
fresh water to 2%. Our energy comes from
the local hydropower plant and is green.
The nutrient-rich filter residues are then
recycled into biogas.

environmentally friendly

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SWISS LACHS has a particularly high
quality because all the important
parameters for healthy breeding are
controlled. Thanks to permanent
filtration, our salmon swim in the cleanest
water. We do not use antibiotics,
hormones or other additives. Permanent
monitoring and a strict hygiene protocol
ensure good fish welfare and salmon quality. 

antibiotic free

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Our salmon are not threatened by
parasites, predators or birds of prey and
can grow up stress-free and produce the
valuable proteins, omega 3 fatty acids, 
vitamins A, D, B12 and iodine.

stress free

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We source the salmon eggs from Iceland,
these are guaranteed virus and disease
free. Our salmon are raised in an indoor
facility and are parasite free. The fresh 
salmon fillets can therefore be consumed
raw as sushi or sashimi without freezing

parasite free

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100 % Swissness

Swiss Lachs from Alpine Farm

Swiss Lachs AG farms fish in Lostallo, a beautiful and unspoiled corner in Misox, the Italian-speaking part of Grisons. The company is one of the cleanest and most sustainable fish farms in the world thanks to its Recirculating Aquaculture System technology.

The salmon delicacies are free of hormones, antibiotics and other harmful chemicals. That's good for you and good for the environment!

Swiss Lachs most popular products

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Fresh salmon filet, 500g

CHF 36,50

Includes 2.6% VAT
(CHF 7,30 / 100 g)
Geraeucherter Lachs 500g geschnitten - SWISS LACHS Alpiner Lachs
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Smoked Salmon 500g, sliced

CHF 70,00

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(CHF 14,00 / 100 g)
graved lachs web - SWISS LACHS Alpiner Lachs
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Graved salmon marinated with dill, sliced 500g

CHF 69,50

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(CHF 13,90 / 100 g)
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Salmon Caviar, 60g

CHF 21,00

Includes 2.6% VAT
(CHF 35,00 / 100 g)

Customer reviews about SWISS LACHS

Our gastronomy customers appreciate the excellent quality and freshness of SWISS LACHS. A brilliant idea; an enrichment to our sustainable sortiment.
Hanspeter Schläppi, Fish Sommelier TransGourmet Prodega
Within a few hours we get the fish from Lostallo and process them for our customers. Freshness and sustainability in pure culture.
Giulio Bianchi, Owner G. Bianchi AG
As a salmon specialist, we know the demands of our customers. Thanks to the sustainable production of SWISS LACHS and the short transport routes, every delivery is of the highest quality and absolutely fresh.
Salvatore Barranca, Managing Director Frischeparadies Zurich
The fish from SWISS LACHS stand out through top quality and short distribution ways. Ecological and top fresh with Swissness. Perfect fish for a real Swiss cuisine.
Andreas Altorfer, CEO Dörig & Brandl AG
As leading fish distributor in Graubunden SWISS LACHS gives us the valuable opportunity to offer local fish to our customers. A fantastic product with an extraordinary freshness, regional, ecological, sustainable and natural.
Jann Rageth, Owner Rageth Comestibles AG
With SWISS LACHS we can offer our customers a super fresh Swiss innovation. The sustainably farmed salmon ideally complements our existing range of regional Swiss fish delicacies.
Nicolas Buchmann,
As a purchasing cooperative of the Swiss Comestibles we are particularly pleased that SWISS LACHS is now farming Switzerland's most consumed fish in Switzerland in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. This allows us to offer a unique freshness and superb quality of salmon to our members.
Jacques Beyeler, Management Casic Purchasing Cooperative
The first Swiss salmon "Swiss Alpine Salmon" exclusively refined by hand in Switzerland's first salmon smokehouse and smoked in a wood-fired oven. A unique story and real added value for our customers. GENUINE - ENJOYMENT - HANDMADE Regional, ecological and sustainable - more SWITZERLAND is not possible!
Ralf Weidkuhn, Managing Director Dyhrberg
"Our kitchen team went on site to see the sustainable and innovative production of SWISS LACHS. We are very impressed. The handling of the fish, the top quality, the short transport routes, the use of state-of-the-art technology and the direct delivery convinced us immediately. It doesn't get any fresher than this!"
Remo Siebers, Executive Chef GAMMACATERING
"SWISS LACHS shows us that anything is possible with today's methods and passion. Despite the young company, the quality, the key to success, is excellent and stable. A product that Switzerland has been waiting for."
Matthias Künzi, Chef de cuisine Restaurant Haute
SWISS LACHS is a brilliant example of how "sexy" sustainably and regionally produced products can be. Philosophy and quality convince and inspire us and our guests! Many thanks & keep it up.
Nicolas Baumann, Restaurant Huusbeiz, Zurich
The cooperation with regional partners like SWISS LACHS is very important to us. Short transportation routes with fresh products is sustainable and corresponds to our credo of nature for nature.
Andreas Gartmann, General Manager Hotel Eden Roc 5 Superior
Swiss Lachs is a top product, which perfectly fits to our restaurant concept where we focus on Swissness. SWISS LACHS convinces with outstanding quality, the absolute freshness and the sustainability. My guest are very satisfied and so are we. Thanks for the effort to produce this sustainable salmon in Switzerland.
René Hofer, Chef Lindenhofkeller

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Interesting facts about Swiss Lachs

Do you offer public farm tours?

Unfortunately, for biohygienic reasons, we cannot conduct public farm visits. As we do not use antibiotics or other medicines, the risk of foreign germs entering the system through farm visits would be too great.

Is a "Recirculating Aquaculture Technology" really better?

Net pens contribute to the poor image of aquaculture. Closed-loop technology is the most elaborate type of aquaculture and is particularly resource-efficient; it reduces the need for fresh water to 2%. We have one of the best and most modern water treatment plants for fish farms in the world. We even use denitrification, which some Swiss sewage treatment plants do not have. This means that no germs or impurities can get into the Moesa. In this way, we offer a more ecologically sound and sustainable alternative to salmon production.

What do you feed your salmon?

The fish food we use is produced in France and is free of ethoxiquin. It is composed of the following ingredients: Fish meal, wheat gluten, maize gluten, soya meal (non GMO), faba beans, wheat, starch, fish oil and rapeseed oil. The proportion of fish meal in fish feed has been continuously reduced over the last 10 years and still amounts to 20%. The proportion of fish oil in fish feed is 15%. We are working with a research institute and feed producers on a project where the fishmeal content is partially replaced with insect meal.

Can the fresh salmon fillets be consumed raw as sashimi or prepared as sushi?

We source the salmon eggs from Iceland, these are guaranteed virus and disease free. Our salmon grow up in an indoor facility and are parasite-free. The fresh salmon fillets can therefore be consumed raw as sushi or sashimi without a shock-freezing treatment. 

Welcome to SWISS LACHS
- sustainable, healthy salmon from Switzerland.

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Alpine breeding: Focus on our salmon farming

Would you like to learn more about our salmon farm in Lostallo? Under “Alpine Breeding” we have listed detailed information about our recirculation system, which we use for rearing our salmon. Furthermore we show the life cycle of our salmon and give details about our fish feed. 

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