For the best smoked fish the Selection of raw material,
its freshness and speed of delivery
are vital to the finished product.

The Smoking Process

Our processing takes place adjacent to the farm, so we have the very best selection of swiss grown raw materials and the freshest possible quality with minimal logistics and handling. We grow our own fish and do not buy in from elsewhere like other smokers ,so we have fish grown to our exact specifications and can grade the very best quality for our production.


As Switzerland’s only salmon farm no one can beat the freshness and quality of hand smoking our own premium fish grown onsite in Lostallo, Graubünden. We have built a traditional smokehouse which allows us to start the smoking as soon as our fish is out of the water. Our highly skilled craftsmen with decades of experience will start off by filleting the fish and then placing the fillets in a brine bath consisting of salt, pepper and a variety of alpine herbs. These are left to soak for up to 24 hours sucking up the delicious fragrances. They then hang on traditional hooks and left overnight to dye in the crisp alpine air.


They are then smoked for up to 24 hours in a old Scottish smoker. We follow traditional methods burning oak wood and using a horizontal air flow to control the heat. We soak the oak chips in whisky and we also use other hardwoods soaked in our own secret recipes. By being able to carefully control the temperature our artisans can achieve the correct balance of flavors and density resulting in a delicate taste which lingers on the palate like a fine wine.


The fillets are then checked carefully for weight, color and oils which shows us that the fish has been smoked perfectly, they are then refrigerated for 48 hours and then cut and sliced by hand and vacuum packed.