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Summer has arrived and the warm temperatures are tempting you outside. We have numerous products that can be perfectly prepared on a grill. What do you need to know when grilling salmon? This article provides answers to the most common questions:

Which spices go well with salmon and how do I season salmon?

One possibility is to first brush the salmon with olive oil and then season it with a little salt and pepper. Alternatively, sage, garlic and thyme also go very well with grilled salmon.

At what temperature do you grill salmon?

Salmon is a fish that dries out quickly. We therefore recommend grilling it at medium to high heat. This way, the skin and surface become crispy while the salmon fillet remains juicy on the inside. Please make sure that it does not get too hot, otherwise the fish skin will burn. The maximum temperature inside the grill with the lid closed should be 180 °C.

How long does salmon need on the grill?

It is difficult to give an exact cooking time. The thicker and larger the fillet, the longer it will take to grill. However, it should be at least 5 minutes. After that, the finger pressure test helps as a cooking test: press gently on the thickest part with your finger. If the meat yields slightly, the fillets are perfectly grilled.

How can I tell if salmon is cooked through?

Salmon is cooked at a temperature of 50-60 °C. When exactly depends on your taste. If you prefer to eat fish cooked through, 60 °C core temperature is ideal for salmon. If you want to serve glazed grilled salmon, 50-54 °C is sufficient. You can use a grill thermometer to measure the desired temperature at the thickest part.

What kind of wine goes well with grilled salmon?

Here we recommend going for a Merlot. Either a white wine, or as a rosé. A wine that is particularly suitable is the following:

What should I bear in mind when grilling salmon?

When grilling a salmon fillet with the skin, start on the fillet side first (approx. 2 minutes). Then turn the fillet over so that the main part of the cooking time is on the skin side. It is also important that the salmon is only turned once.

What products are suitable for the grill?

Our “Young salmon 1’500 – 2’000g”, as well as our “Fresh salmon fillets (250g, 500g, 1’000g)” are particularly suitable for the grill.

Tips and tricks for grilling salmon

  • 250g of salmon per person should be enough. After all, a proper barbecue also includes side dishes such as breads, salads and dips.
  • Use fish fillets with skin: The skin gives the fish stability when grilling. The meat does not fall apart so easily and can be served whole later.
  • To prevent the salmon from sticking to the grill during grilling, we recommend brushing grills with rapeseed or sunflower oil. Alternatively, you can place the fish in grill trays, on banana leaves or on lemon slices. Note, however, that although the salmon will be cooked, this will not produce the characteristic grill marks.

Is there a simple recipe for grilling salmon that you can recommend?

Of course. Our recipe for a fresh salmon fillet smoked on Swiss stone pine is linked here: To the recipe

In addition, our “Gourmet Set Grill” contains everything you need to prepare the recipe on your grill: To the product

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