Three novelties for every taste: Graved salmon, young salmon & hot smoked spicy salmon

graved lachs whole - SWISS LACHS Alpiner Lachs
With Graved Salmon, Hot Smoked Spicy Salmon and Young Salmon, three new products await you, offering something for every taste. The products can be ordered in various quantities in our online shop. Let us convince you of our new products.

Graved salmon marinated with dill, sliced

graved lachs web - SWISS LACHS Alpiner Lachs
The raw SWISS LACHS fillets are carefully parried, rubbed with a mixture of dill, salt and sugar and stored in the marinade for 24 hours. After that, the graved salmon is washed, refined again with fresh dill, cut by hand into fine tranches and vacuum-packed.

Graved salmon, sliced (200g)

Graved salmon, sliced (500g)


hot smoked salmon web - SWISS LACHS Alpiner Lachs
The raw SWISS LACHS fillets are carefully parried and rubbed with a racy spice mixture from the southern states of the USA. The fillets are then hot-smoked for 45 minutes at a temperature of 60°C and vacuum-packed.

Hot smoked spicy salmon (200g)

Hot smoked spicy salmon (600 - 700g)


swiss lachs junglachs - SWISS LACHS Alpiner Lachs

Fresh, whole young salmon (Salmo Salar), carefully gutted and washed. Young Swiss salmon from our sustainable salmon farm in Lostallo, Grisons, where the salmon are raised in fresh spring water to the highest quality standards – without any chemicals, antibiotics or microplastics. The fresh fish are processed directly on site and only when we receive your order. We rely on the manual labour of our experienced employees to guarantee the best possible quality. Let us convince you of the purity of our Swiss salmon.