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New in our assortment: Fresh salmon fillet in sashimi quality – without skin 200g

Dear Customer

The indispensable prerequisites of Japanese cuisine include the naturalness, freshness and quality of the food. Salmon is one of the most popular fish in Japan. It contains a lot of iodine, especially many unsaturated fatty acids and numerous proteins and minerals.

Absolute freshness
We fillet the salmon fillet only when we receive your order. This way we guarantee you the best possible freshness.

Finest handwork
To ensure the highest quality, the processing is done exclusively by hand. The standing bones are removed by our employees, then the salmon skin is carefully cut away.

This fresh salmon fillet can only be ordered for deliveries arriving from Wednesday to Saturday.

Gourmet tips
You can enjoy the salmon fillet raw as sashimi or sushi without freezing, because unlike imported salmon, our salmon grows up in a parasite-free environment.

If you want to prepare the fresh salmon fillet raw as sashimi, poké or sushi, we recommend that you enjoy it within three days of receipt.

For grilling, we recommend our salmon fillet with skin (250g or 500g).

We wish you bon appétit.


PS: Are you still looking for a recipe? Tino Staub, Hotel Alex Lake Zurich recommends: Sashimi, Granny Smith & Radish

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