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Civic Community Lostallo says “yes” to the further development of sustainable aquaculture

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SWISS LACHS is pleased about the Lostallo Civic Community’s clear support for the project for the sustainable further development of aquaculture. With the approval of the community, SWISS LACHS can lay the next foundation stone to meet the steadily growing demand for salmon with a sustainable and regionally farmed salmon.

Lostallo, Switzerland – 14th July 2023 – SWISS LACHS, the pioneer in sustainable aquaculture, is pleased to have received the approval of the Civic Community of Lostallo. As it did almost 10 years ago, the Civic Community has approved the use of part of the industrial building land for the development of sustainable fish farming. With a strong commitment to the conservation of natural resources and fish welfare, SWISS LACHS aims to develop its production capacity in the most environmentally friendly way possible. This will enable it to meet the growing demand for high-quality, locally produced and eco-friendly salmon.

SWISS LACHS has enjoyed remarkable success since 2013, offering customers and end consumers a diverse range of high-quality salmon delicacies that are farmed and processed in a particularly sustainable way that is environmentally friendly. Using state-of-the-art recirculating technology and innovative farming techniques, the company consistently delivers outstanding products, while its environmental footprint is many times smaller than any imported salmon product thanks to local production.

“We are incredibly pleased to have received the approval from the Lostallo Civic Community last night and will now move forward with discussions with the authorities and stakeholders to consolidate the needs of all stakeholders in the final project. The expansion is necessary to meet the ever-growing demand for our sustainably and regionally farmed salmon. This development will allow us to make a positive contribution to the environment by increasing the proportion of sustainably produced salmon. In addition, we will create about 20 new jobs in aquaculture, fish processing & refinement, and sales in the next few years” says Ronald Herculeijns, Chairman of the executive board and co-founder of Swiss Alpine Fish AG.

For media enquiries, please contact:
Ronald Herculeijns, Swiss Alpine Fish AG E-Mail: info@swisslachs.com Phone: +41 91 291 01 01
For candidatures (aquaculture, fish processing & refinement, sales) write to info@swisslachs.ch.

ABOUT Swiss Alpine Fish AG
The company specialises in the production of high-quality fish, using innovative farming techniques to ensure both fish welfare and minimal environmental impact. Atlantic salmon are bred in the indoor facility in Lostallo, Grisons. The facility uses the latest technology. This makes it one of the cleanest and most sustainable fish farms in the world. Swiss Alpine Fish AG raises the salmon according to the highest quality standards and focuses consistently on sustainability at all levels. The salmon are free of hormones, antibiotics, and other harmful chemicals. The result is fresh, healthy salmon that does not pollute the environment or ecosystems. The closed-loop technology is particularly resource-efficient; it reduces the need for fresh water to 2-5%.

In 2022, a total of around 95,000 fish were harvested and processed into the finest salmon delicacies.